Is there an inner Tom Cruise in you, just bursting to shake things up behind the bar? If so, then we have some amazing cocktail kits, to help you get off to a flying start.

For bars where cocktails are not the main event, to ones that are the place to go for high-octane cocktail action, we have just the right cocktail kit to fit your venue.





You’ll soon be serving up cool classic Dry Martinis and Mojitos
with this fantastic and versatile kit.

  This kit contains everything you need,
to kick your cocktail hour off to a great start.




neville-cocktail-kit-silverSILVER COCKTAIL KIT

Are you the bar to go to for cocktails?
If so, the Silver Cocktail Kit is the perfect package for your venue.

Now you’re really ‘Cruising It’ behind the bar,
it’s time to show off your skills with glamourous Margaritas
or super smooth Old Fashioned cocktails.




neville-coctail-kit-goldGOLD COCKTAIL KIT

So now you’re getting competitive
and really mixing it up like a professional mixologist
so you’re going to need a kit that matches your talents.

Perfect for those long cool Gin Fizzes and zingy Caipirinhas
or now you’re an expert, how about creating your own recipes?



Feeling inspired? Check out these mixologists showing Neville’s fantastic cocktail accessories and equipment to the max.




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